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FC-1Intimation of receipt of foreign contribution by way of gift/as Articles/ Securities/ by candidate for Election.

FC-2Application for seeking prior permission of the Central Government to accept foreign hospitality(FC-2)

FC-3AApplication for FCRA Registration

FC-3BApplication for FCRA Prior Permission

FC-3CApplication for Renewal of FCRA Registration

FC-4Intimation – Annual Returns

FC-6AIntimation – Change of name and/ or address within the State of the Association

FC-6BIntimation – Change of nature, aims and objects and registration with local/relevant authorities in respect of the association

FC-6CIntimation – Change of designated bank/ branch/ bank account number of designated FC receipt-cum-utilisation bank account

FC-6DIntimation – Opening of additional FC-utilisation Bank Account for the purpose of utilisation of foreign contribution

FC-6EIntimation – Change in original Key members of the association

FC-7Application for surrender of certificate of registration

Updation of email Id in the FC- receipt cum utilisation and utilisation bank account details

Intimation of Quarterly Receipt of Foreign Contribution by Associations.

Filling of Annual returns of assets and liablities under Lokpal and Lokayukts Act, 2013 by individual of Association.