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YouTube Video Library- June 2021

Monthly Compilation (June 2021) of YouTube Video Link on Income Tax

1 Date 05-06-2021 Income Tax Topic New Taxpayer friendly e-filing Portal (New Features) -MOF Press Release dated 05 June 2021
Minute 5.06

2 Date 07-06-2021 Income Tax Topic Tax implications if your medical treatment/covid treatment is crowdfunded Minute 3.46

3 Date 09-06-2021 Income Tax Topic Tax benefits available to Producer Companies II Section 80PA II Tax Deduction for Producer Companies Minute 2.29

4 Date 03-07-2021 Income Tax Topic Compulsory Maintenance of Books of Accounts & documents under Income Tax Law II Section 44AA
Minute 13.17

5 Date 01-07-2021 Income Tax Topic Guidelines u/s 194Q of the Income-tax Act, 1961 II Circular No. 13 of 2021 dated 30th June, 2021
Minute 26.32

6 Date 30-06-2021 Income Tax Topic Section 206AB:TDS for non-filers of ITR V/s Section 206CCA:TCS for non-filers of ITR- 01st July 2021
Minute 12.15

7 Date 30-06-2021 Income Tax Topic Section 194QTDS(Buyer deduct TDS @0.1%)V/s Section206C (1H) TCS(Seller collect TCS @0.1%) 01/07/2021
Minute 10.1

8 Date 28-06-2021 Income Tax Topic Tax treatment of Conversion of capital asset into Stock in trade
Minute 9.3

9 Date 25-06-2021 Income Tax Topic Tax implications on transfer of Immovable property for inadequate consideration (Updated by FA 2021)
Minute 15.11

10 Date 22-06-2021 Income Tax Topic How to save taxes on Sale of residential house ? II रेजिडेंशियल हाउस की बिक्री पर टैक्स कैसे बचाएं ?
Minute 12.38

11 Date 18-06-2021 Income Tax Topic Rationalisation of tax provisions for NGOs/NPOs
Minute 16.39

12 Date 15-06-2021 Income Tax Topic Tax treatment of Advance money/earnest money forfeited II जब्त अग्रिम जमा -आयकर कानून
Minute 6.46


1 Date 12-06-2021 GST Topic New functionalities on GST Portal -11 June 2021
Minute 5.18

2 Date 12-06-2021 GST Topic GST on E-Commerce & Electronic Commerce Operator
Minute 4.42

Monthly Compilation (June 2021) of YouTube Video Link on Financial awareness

1 Date 01-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic Sovereign gold bond scheme-Benefits, Features & FAQs
Minute 24.03

2 Date 08-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic How to prepare financially for unexpected events? Minute 13.26

3 Date 09-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic Common borrowing Mistakes that can impact your finance Minute 5.16

4 Date 10-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic What are Bank Loan Options for Women entrepreneur
Minute 5.35

5 Date 22-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic Bharat Bond ETF II Investing in ETF II Requisites II Investment options II Withdrawal process
Minute 4.51

6 Date 22-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic Smart things to know about Senior Citizen’s Savings Scheme II SCSS
Minute 4.45

7 Date 20-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic Happy Father’s Day 2021- Investment ideas to secure the financial future of your father
Minute 5.27

8 Date 20-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic What to do with Aadhar, PAN, Voter ID & official documents after death of holder (News Analysis)
Minute 11.21

9 Date 19-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic How Parents can develop healthy money habits in their Kids ( News analysis-ET, Live Mint, BSs, etc.)
Minute 32.24

Monthly Compilation (June 2021) of YouTube Video Link on Company Law

Date 26-06-2021 Company Law Topic New Accounting Standards Rules for Small and Medium Sized Company (SMC) w.e.f. 01st April 2021

Minute 12.47

2 Date 04-06-2021 Company Law Topic DECLARATION AND PAYMENT OF DIVIDEND {Updated with all Company Law, SEBI Income tax & FEMA provisions till May 2021)
Minute 29.5

3 Date 04-06-2021 Company Law Topic Variable capital company (VCC) – A new concept in India
Minute 8.15

4Date 13-06-2021 Company Law Topic Fund raising options for Private Limited Company
Minute 18

5 Date 18-06-2021 Company Law Topic Ministry of Corporate affairs eases rules for board meetings conducted through virtual mode
Minute 5.29

6 Date 15-06-2021 Company Law Topic Issue of Securities-Public offer, Rights issue, Private placement, Offer for Sale, IPO, FPO
Minute 10.3

Monthly Compilation (June 2021) of YouTube Video Link on Legal awareness

1 Date 29-06-2021 Legal awareness Topic Enforcing Contracts Portal -Features & Portal review II Ease of doing business-Enforcing Contracts I
Minute 9.46

2 Date 16-06-2021 Legal awareness Topic Registration of documents under the Registration Act, 1908 II Mandatory/ Optional Registration II
Minute 11.28

3 Date 03-06-2021 Legal awareness Topic Model Tenancy Act- What’s New II (मॉडल टेनेंसी एक्ट में नये प्रावधान क्या है?)II
Minute 8.03

4 Date 01-06-2021 Legal awareness Topic WILL-Legal provisions II वसीयत -कानूनी प्रावधान II
Minute 22.59