LETTER [F.NO. 225/65/2013/ITA-II]DATED 11-4-2013
I am directed to draw your kind attention towards Board’s decision to review the Quality of assessments completed by the Assessing Officers during financial year 2012-13 in each CCIT/DGIT charge. The same finds mention in clause 2(k) of “Guidelines for Scrutiny Selection” [File No. 225/97/2012/ITA-II] for Financial Year 2012-13, dated 23-8-2012 read with clarification dated 20-9-2012.
2. All the CCsIT/DGsIT charges are therefore requested to ensure that a compilation of at least 50 quality assessments passed in their respective charges is made in respect of scrutiny assessments completed during financial year 2012-13, clearly bring out the quality of work done and the resultant revenue impact. The compilation should be made in the format enclosed as Annexure to this letter.
3. I am further directed to request that all CCsIT/DGsIT may send their compilation as per annexed format alongwith copies of all the orders to the concerned CCIT (CCA) who in turn would send the above analysis to their respective Zonal Member by 30th April, 2013 after due consolidation. A copy of the consolidated compilation should also be sent to Member (IT) without enclosing hard copies of assessment orders.
4. Para 2(1) of Board’s letter dated 20-9-2012 mentions that quality orders compiled through above process would form source material for quality assessment work to be incorporated in forthcoming issue of ‘Let us Share’, In this regard, I am further directed to request that a copy of compilation alongwith all assessment orders may also be sent to respective Appraisal Committees constituted for ‘Let us Share’ by DGIT(Admin.).
FORMAT of Compilation
Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (CCA)..
CCIT/DGIT charge……….
Name of the case Name of the Assessing Officer/ Addl. CIT/CIT Assessment completed under section-(143(3)/144/147/153A/153C) Selection criteria (CASS /Compulsory Manual Scrutiny /Discretionary Manual Scrutiny) Brief description or the significant issues identified in the assessment on the basis of which the case has been characterized as quality work Amount of concealment detected/disallowance made Whether Penalty Imposed /prosecution launched (the relevant section should be mentioned) Comment of CCsIT/ DGsIT on Quality of order
(a)   The compilation should not include the cases of PSU, Government organisations and the cases with a history of addition/disallowances being consistently made and contested in appeals in the past years. In such cases only those issues should be reported which have been detected for the first time during the year.
(b)   Before reporting such cases in compilation, due care must be taken that the issues have been properly thrashed and it is not a case where the Assessing Officer has resorted to summary additions, routine disallowances or best judgment assessment without any worth while independent inquiry. Reporting of such cases would be viewed adversely.
(c)   The cases where addition has been made due to Transfer Pricing Adjustment on the basis of TPO report should not be included.
(d)   The Central Charges are requested to incorporate those cases where the Assessing Officer, while framing assessments in search and seizure cases, have been able to establish tax evasion and made independent detailed investigation traversing beyond the indicated facts in Appraisal report of the investigation unit. The assessments in any other cases which reflect the work done by the Assessing Officers on the basis of their independent investigations can also be included if it amounts to quality work.

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