Ashtavakra Gita: Peace

Ashtavakra Gita: Peace

Ashtavakra said:


Praise That,
which is Bliss itself,
which is by nature stillness and light,
and which by Its knowing
reveals the world as a dream.


One may enjoy the abundant pleasures of the world,
but will never be happy
until giving them up.


How can one whose innermost heart
has been scorched by the sun of sorrow
that comes from duty
be happy until the sweet rain
of torrential stillness?


The universe is but a thought
in Consciousness.
In Reality it is nothing.
One who sees the true nature
of existence and non-existence
never ceases to exist.


The Self–which is
absolute, effortless, timeless, immaculate–
is without limits
and at no distance from you.
You are forever It.


For those whose vision becomes unclouded,
illusion evaporates
and the Self becomes known.
All sorrow is instantly dispelled.


Seeing everything is imagination,
knowing the Self as timelessly free,
the sage lives as a child.


Knowing himself as Absolute,
knowing existence and non-existence
to be imagination only,
what is there for the desireless one
to learn, say or do?


Knowing for certain that all is Self,
the sage has no trace of thoughts
such as “I am this” or “I am not that.”


The yogi who finds stillness
is neither distracted nor focused.
He knows neither pleasure nor pain.
Ignorance dispelled,
he is free of knowing.

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