Ashtavakra Gita: Peace

Ashtavakra Gita: Peace

Ashtavakra said:


Heaven or poverty,
gain or loss,
society or solitude,
to the yogi free of conditioning
there is no difference.


Religious merit,
sensory pleasure,
worldly prosperity,
discrimination between this and that—
these have no significance
to the yogi free of opposites
such as “I do this”
and “this I do not.”


The yogi who is liberated while living
has no duties in this world,
no attachments in his heart.
His life proceeds without him.


For the great soul
who abides beyond desire,
where is illusion?
Where is the universe?
Where is meditation on That?
Where even is liberation from them?


He who sees the world
may try to renounce it.
But what can the desireless one do?

He sees there is nothing to see.


He who has seen the Supreme Brahma
thinks, “I am Brahma.”
But he who has transcended all thought,
what can he think?
He knows no other than Self.


He achieves self-control
who sees his own distraction.
But the great soul is not distracted.
He has nothing to achieve.
He has nothing to do.


The man of Knowledge
may live as an ordinary man,
but he is not.
He sees he is neither
focused nor distracted,

and finds no fault with himself.


He who is beyond existence and non-existence–
who is wise, satisfied, free of desire–
does nothing,
though the world may see him in motion.


The wise one
is not troubled by action or inactivity.
He lives happily,

doing whatever gets done.

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