GST: FAQs Series 13 (Meaning and Scope of Supply)

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Q 11. A dealer of air-conditioners permanently transfers an air conditioner from his stock in trade, for personal use at his residence. Will the transaction constitute a supply?

Ans. Yes. As per Sl. No.1 of Schedule-I, permanent transfer or disposal of business assets where input as credit has been availed on such assets shall constitute a supply under GST even where no consideration is involved.

Q 12. Whether provision of service or goods by a club or association or society to its members will be treated as supply or not?

Ans. Yes. Provision of facilities by a club, association, society or any such body to its members shall be treated as supply. This is included in the definition of ‘business’ in
section 2(17) of CGST/SGST Act.

Q 13. What are the different types of supplies under the GST law?

Ans. (i) Taxable and exempt supplies. (ii) Inter-State and Intra-State supplies, (iii) Composite and mixed supplies and (iv) Zero rated supplies.

Q 14. What are inter-state supplies and intra-state supplies?

Ans. Inter-state and intra-state supplies have specifically been defined in Section 7(1), 7(2) and 8(1), 8(2) of the IGST Act respectively. Broadly, where the location of the supplierand the place of supply are in same state it will be intrastate and where it is in different states it will be inter-state supplies.

Q 15. Whether transfer of right to use goods will be treated as supply of goods or supply of service? Why?

Ans. Transfer of right to use goods shall be treated as supply of service because there is no transfer of title in such supplies. Such transactions are specifically treated as supply of service in Schedule-II of CGST/SGST Act.

Q 16. Whether Works contracts and Catering services will be treated as supply of goods or supply of services? Why?

Ans. Works contracts and catering services shall be treated as supply of services as both are specified under Sl. No. 6 (a) and (b) in Schedule-II of the model GST law.

Q 17. Whether supply of software would be treated as supply of goods or supply of
services under GST law?

Ans. Development, design, programming, customization, adaptation, upgradation, enhancement, implementation of information technology software shall be treated as supply of services as listed in Sl. No. 5 (2)(d) of Schedule –II of the model GST law.

Q 18. Whether goods supplied on hire purchase basis will be treated as supply of goods or supply of services? Why?

Ans. Supply of goods on hire purchase shall be treated as supply of goods as there is transfer of title, albeit at a future date.

Q 19. What is a Composite Supply under CGST/ SGST/UTGST Act?

Ans. Composite Supply means a supply made by a taxable person to a recipient comprising two or more supplies of goods or services, or any combination thereof, which are naturally bundled and supplied in conjunction with each other in the ordinary course of business, one of which is a principal supply. For example, where goods are packed and transported with insurance, the supply of goods, packing materials, transport and insurance is a composite supply and supply of goods is the principal supply.

Q 20. How will tax liability on a composite supply be determined under GST?

Ans. A composite supply comprising two or more supplies, one of which is a principal supply, shall be treated as a supply of such principal supply.


This FAQ on GST compiled by NACEN and vetted by the Source Trainers is based on the CGST/SGST/UTGST/IGSTAct(s). This FAQ is for training and academic purposes only.

The information in this blogger is reproduced from FAQ on GST publised by CBEC updated on 31 March 2017 and is not intended to be treated as legal ad vice or opinion. For greater details, you are requested to refer to the respective CGST/SGST/UTGST/IGST Acts.

The FAQs refer to CGST and SGST Acts as CGST/SGST as CGST Act and SGST Act are identical in most of the provisions. CGST Act has been introduced in the Parliament. The SGST Acts will be passed by respective state legislatures. A few provisions may be specific to state and may not be in CGST Act.

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