Ashtavakra Gita : Peace

Ashtavakra said:


When one realizes
he is neither the actor
nor the one who watches,
the mind-storm is stilled.


The actions of the sage,
free of pretence and motive,
shine like clear light.
Not so those of the deluded seeker
who affects a peaceful demeanor
while remaining firmly attached.


Unbounded, unfettered,
untethered from the projections of mind,
the wise are free to play and enjoy,
or retire to mountain caves.


Whether honoring a spiritual scholar,
a god, or holy shrine;
whether seeing a desirable woman,
a king, or beloved friend–
the heart of the sage
is unmoved.


Though his servants, sons,
wives, daughters, grandchildren
and all his relatives
ridicule and despise him,
the yogi is undismayed


Though pleased he is not pleasured;

though pained he does not suffer.

This wonderful state is understood

only by those like him.


The belief in duty

creates a relative world

for its performance.

The wise one knows Himself

to be formless, timeless,

all-pervasive, immaculate,

and thus transcends duty and world.


Even doing nothing

the dull one is anxious and distracted.

Even amidst great action

the wise one remains still.


Even in practical life

the wise one remains happy.

Happy to sit,

happy to sleep,

happy to move about,

happy to speak,

happy to eat…


Because he knows Self

the wise one is not disrupted by practical life.

He is deep and still, like a vast lake.

He is not like ordinary people.

His sorrows have vanished.

Series continue…..

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