Ashtavakra Gita : Peace

Ashtavakra Said:


For the deluded one,
even rest is an activity.
For the wise,
even action bears the fruit of stillness.


The deluded one is often adverse
to the things of his life.
To one with no thought for body,
attachment and aversion have no meaning.


The deluded mind is caught up
in thinking and not thinking.
Though the mind of the wise one
may think what thoughts come,
he is not aware of it.


The sage sees nothing being done
even when performed by his hands.
Like a child he is pure
and acts without reason.


Blessed indeed is he who knows Self.
Though seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating,
he never desires nor changes.


For one who is void and changeless,
where is the world and its imaginings?
Where is the end?
Where is the possibility of it?


Glorious indeed is he who,
free of desire,
embodies Bliss itself.
He has become absorbed in Self.


In short, the great soul
who has realized Truth
is free of desire, enjoyment and liberation.
In all of space and time
he is attached to nothing.


What remains for One

who is Consciousness itself,

who sees the non-existence

of a phenomenal world created

by the mere thought of a name?


Peace is natural for one

who knows for certain nothing exists,

who sees appearances are illusion,

to whom the inexpressible is apparent.

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