Ashtravakra Gita : Peace

Ashtavakra Said:


Rules of conduct, detachment,
renunciation, asceticism—
what are these to one
who sees the unreality of things,
who is the Light of Awareness?


How can there be joy or sorrow,
bondage or liberation,
for one who perceives non-existence
and lights the infinite?


Until Self-realization,
illusion prevails.
The sage lives without
thoughts of “I” or “mine.”
His connection to illusion is severed.


What is knowledge?
What is the universe?
What are thoughts like
“I am the body,” or “the body is mine”?
The sage is imperishable and sorrowless.
He is Self alone.


When a weak man gives up meditation
he falls prey to whims and desires.


Even hearing Truth,
the man of dull intellect
holds on to illusion.
Through effort and suppression
he may appear outwardly composed,
but inside he craves the world.


Though others may see him working,
the sage does nothing.
Knowledge has banished effort.
He finds no reason to do or say.


The sage is fearless, unassailable.
No darkness, no light, nothing to lose.


Patience, discrimination,
even fearlessness—
What use are these to the yogi?
His nature cannot be described.
He is not a person.


No heaven, no hell,
no liberation for the living.
In short, Consciousness is Void.
What more can be said?

Series continue….

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