Ashtavakra Gita : Peace

Ashtavakra Said:


The sage neither yearns for fulfillment
nor frets over non-attainment.
His mind is cool
and brimming with sweetness.


Detached from desire,
the sage neither praises peace
nor blames the wicked.
Equally content
in happiness and misery,
he would not change a thing.


The sage neither rejects the world
nor desires Self.
He is free of joy and sorrow.
He does not live
and cannot die.


The wise one lives without hope.
He has no attachment to his children, wife or anyone.
Pleasure means nothing to him.
His life is glorious.


The sage wanders about as he pleases
and lives on whatever may come.
Contentment ever dwells in his heart.
And when the sun sets,
he rests where he is.


Rooted in Being,
no thought of being born or reborn,
the great soul is indifferent
to the death or birth of his body.


The wise one stands alone,
caring for nothing,
bereft of possessions.
He goes where he will,
unhindered by opposites,
his doubts rent asunder.
He is truly blessed.


The wise one has no sense of “mine.”
To him earth, stone and gold are the same.
The knots of his heart have unraveled.
He knows neither ignorance nor sorrow.
He is excellent in every way.


The liberated soul
has no desire in his heart.
He is content and indifferent.
He has no equal.


Only one free of desire
knows nothing of knowing,
says nothing needs saying,
sees nothing to see.

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