Ashtavakra Gita : Peace

Ashtavakra Said:


He who is without desire excels,
be he beggar or king.
He no longer sees good or bad.


What is lust or restraint,
or the desire for Truth
to the yogi who has reached life’s goal,
and who embodies virtue and sincerity?


The inner experience of one
who is free of desire and suffering,
who is content and reposes in Self–
how can it be described,
and of whom?


The wise one’s state never varies.
Sleeping soundly, he is not asleep.
Lying in reverie, he is not dreaming.
Eyes open, he is not wakeful.


The man of Knowledge seems to think,
but has no thoughts.
He seems to have sense perceptions,
but does not experience.
He seems to have intelligence,
but is empty-minded.
He appears to be a person,
but is not.


The man of Knowledge
is neither happy nor miserable,
neither detached nor attached,
neither liberated nor seeking liberation.
He is neither this nor that.


Even while distracted the blessed one is still.
In meditation, he does not meditate.
In ignorance, he remains clear.
Though learned, he knows nothing.


The liberated one,
who abides unconditionally in Self,
who is free of the concept of action and duty,
who is always and everywhere the same,
is desireless.
He does not worry
about what he did or did not do.


The wise one is neither pleased by praise,
nor annoyed by blame.
He neither rejoices in life
nor fears death.


One of tranquil mind
seeks neither crowds nor wilderness.
He is the same wherever he goes.

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