Bhagavad Gita: Adhibhuta, adhidaiva & adhiyajna (Attaining the Supreme ,Text 4, Chapter 8)

Sri-bhagavan uvaca

adhibhutam ksaro bhavah
purusas’ cadhidaivatam
adhiyajno’ ham evatra
dehe dehe-bhrtam vara

 (Attaining the Supreme ,Text 4, Chapter 8)

Meaning:  O best of the embodied beings, the physical nature, which is constantly changing, is called adhibhuta [ the material manifestation ]. The universal form of the Lord, which includes all the demigods, like those of the sun and moon, is called adhidaiva. And I, the Supreme Lord, represented as the Supersoul in the  heart of every embodied beings, am called adhiyajna[ the Lord of sacrifice].

Bhagavad Gita: Adhibhuta, adhidaiva & adhiyajna (Attaining the Supreme ,Text 4, Chapter 8)

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