News Desk on Income Tax, GST & Corporate Laws-07th Nov 2020 to 10th Nov 2020

*Income tax* Madras HC *No cancellation of registration if trust spending earning from newspaper business for education: Madras HC*

*Income tax* “Delhi – Trib. ” *AO can’t disallow loss in trading from stock option solely on basis of interim order of SEBI*

*Income tax* Bangalore – Trib. *Suo motu disallowance of expenses u/s. 40(a)(ia) could not amount to disallowance u/s. 37*

*Income tax* Gujarat HC *Proviso to sec. 2(15) not applicable as income generated by trust from ‘Garba’ event was utilised for its object*

*Income tax* Madras HC *No refund of tax on prior period income which is declared in subsequent year: HC*

*Income tax* Karnataka HC *Excise duty couldn’t be included while valuing closing stock of goods manufactured and lying in stock*

*GST* New Delhi – CESTAT *ST can’t be imposed on Bariatric surgery as it is not a cosmetic surgery*

*GST* Telangana HC *Telangana HC ordered not to use any physical violence during search operations, interrogations in GST*

*GST* Punjab & Haryana HC *No bail to GST officer who is accused of pressurizing complainant for bribe: P. & H (HC)*

*GST* NAA *NAPA directed builder to reduce price of flats by passing benefit of ITC available to buyers*

*GST* AAR – GUJARAT *No GST exemption on exams conducted by State Examination Board*

*GST* Kerala HC *Detained vehicle and goods to be released on furnishing bank guarantee: Kerala-HC*

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