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Please find below Weekly YouTube video compilation on Income tax, GST, Financial awareness & Entreprenurship (06th June 2021 to 12th June 2021:

Date 12-06-2021 GST Topic New functionalities on GST Portal -11 June 2021
Minute 5.18

Date 12-06-2021 GST Topic GST on E-Commerce & Electronic Commerce Operator
Minute 4.42

Date 11-06-2021 Entreprenurship Topic E-Commerce Business Models II Self-run model II E-platform/marketplace model II Hybrid model
Minute 11.57

Date 10-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic What are Bank Loan Options for Women entrepreneur
Minute 5.35

Date 09-06-2021 Income Tax Topic Tax benefits available to Producer Companies II Section 80PA II Tax Deduction for Producer Companies Minute 2.29

Date 09-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic Common borrowing Mistakes that can impact your finance Minute 5.16

Date 08-06-2021 Financial awareness Topic How to prepare financially for unexpected events? Minute 13.26

Date 07-06-2021 Income Tax Topic Tax implications if your medical treatment/covid treatment is crowdfunded Minute 3.46

Date 06-06-2021 Entreprenurship Topic How to Start Grocery Store business?
Minute 27.1

Date 05-06-2021 Income Tax Topic New Taxpayer friendly e-filing Portal (New Features) -MOF Press Release dated 05 June 2021
Minute 5.06

Bipul Kumar