News update-Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Personal Finance & Succession planning-20th July 2021

All newspaper compilation from Economic times, Live mint & Financial express on Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Personal Finance & Succession planning. Refer link:

1. *Dividend earned by NRIs is taxable in India*

2. * Your Queries (Income Tax): Report mutual fund dividends as ‘income from other sources’ in ITR*

3. *Income tax returns rise 8% in FY21 vs FY20*

4. *1.32 lakh declarations involving Rs 99,765 cr disputed tax filed under Vivad se Vishwas scheme*

5. *Gold Funds: Advantages and risks of investing in gold funds*

6. *Most common health insurance mistakes even smart people make*

7. *High demand for homes on the outskirts is reshaping Gurugram*

8. *Four things to understand while availing of doorstep banking*

9. *Yes, money can buy you time and happiness*

10. *5 common doubts about writing a will resolved*

11. *Returns on my investments*

12. *Time to stay invested in the markets or book some profits?


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