News update-Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Personal Finance & Succession planning-29 July 2021

All newspaper compilation from Economic times, Live mint & Financial express on Entrepreneurship, Taxation, Personal Finance & Succession planning. Refer link:

1. *How NRIs are taxed in India*

2. *Fast growing gold loans turn sour hit by lockdowns*

3. *In small town India, a shift underway from savings to investments*

4. *New MF platform would result in a duplication push*

5. *Claiming TDS credit will be difficult if bank doesn’t have PAN data*

6. *No formal sector job loss during Covid as per EPFO payroll data, says government*

7. *Do a cost-benefit analysis when you decide on repayment of loans*

8. *Growth prospects of commercial realty look promising in second half of 2021*

9. गवर्नमेंट टॉक्स हेडलाइंस -29 जुलाई 2021-

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