What is Copyright? Benefits of Copyright registration


Copyright means the right to copy. It gives an exclusive right to an individual or an entity towards their original work like books, scripts, software, artistic, training manuals cinematography, recordings, paintings, programming, designing, etc.

It is a right conferred upon the author or creator of the work that no one can copy or reproduce or replicate their original work without their permission as per IPR laws. This means that without the authorization of the owner, no one can reproduce or replicate their original work.

An individual or an entity is allowed to charge for using their work or modifying the same. Registration of Copyright ensures rights of the creator protected from any infringement. Copyrights are also transferable.

Benefits of Copyright registration

1. Work copyrighted can be sold or franchised and the owner can earn royalty out of that.

2. It is an intangible asset for the owner.

3. Creation of Public records of ownership and creating goodwill in the market.

4. Protection against piracy

5.No one can reproduce or modify or replicate the work copyrighted without Prior permission of the author. Owner can exercise control over the use of their creation say artistic or literary and ensure economic stability of author/creater.

6. If it comes to the notice of the owner that someone is copying or replicating their work, he/she can send a ‘cease’ notice which helps them avoid spending time in the court of law or legal proceedings. It serves as prima facie evidence during any litigation in progress.

7. It gives an exclusive right to the creator to exhibit their work in public which in turn builds the reputation/prestige worldwide.

8. Many other countries also recognize and protect the work copyrighted in India vis-à-vis similar privileges are allowed to works copyrighted in other countries.

9. Copyright’s protection extends to the creator’s life span + 60 years after his/her death.

The creator enjoys legal protection and enjoys a monopoly of his work and can earn reputation and royalties for his work copyrighted.

If your right is infringed and someone knowingly infringes or abates your rights, the punishment for the same is imprisonment for six months and with a minimum fine of INR 50000/-.

In case of a second or subsequent conviction, the punishment is imprisonment for one year and a fine of Rs. 1 Lakh.  

Offenses under copyright are non-bailable in nature.

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