FRN will be compulsory field for UDIN Generation from 12.00 am of 1st February 2022 (ICAI)

This is to state that Firm Registration Number (FRN) will be a compulsory field for generating UDIN from 12.00 am of 1st February 2022. The FRN will be displayed in the dropdown which will be fetched from the SSP database on real-time basis. If the member is not carrying out the assignment on behalf of any firm, then member can mention NA/Not Applicable/Individual Capacity in the place of FRN. The purpose of mandating the FRN is to enable the firms to consolidate the total UDINs generated by its partners on its behalf for its clients, prospectively. Further, the head in charge of the firm, as per the SSP database, can view the list of UDINs generated by the partners on behalf of the firm prospectively. It may be noted that one firm cannot view the UDINs generated for another firm by a common partner. Members may take a note of aforesaid information.

For queries, please write to us at UDIN Directorate

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