Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2021-22– Issue price Series-X (Press release 25 Feb 2022)

In terms of Government of India Notification No.4(5)-B(W&M)/2021 dated October 21, 2021, Sovereign Gold Bonds 2021-22 (Series X) will be opened for subscription during the period February 28- March 04, 2022 with Settlement date March 08, 2022. The issue price of the Bond during the subscription period shall be Rs 5,109  (Rupees five thousand one hundred nine only) – per gram, as also published by RBI in their Press Release dated February 25, 2022.      

The Government of India in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India has decided to allow discount of Rs 50 (Rupees Fifty only) per gram from the issue price to those investors who apply online and the payment is made through digital mode. For such investors the issue price of Gold Bond will be Sr 5,059 (Rupees five thousand fifty nine only) per gram of gold. 

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