Auto-population of e-invoice details into GSTR-1 (GST Portal updates-03 March 2022)

  1. Generation of e-invoice is mandatory for certain class of taxpayers, as notified by the Government. These taxpayers are required to prepare & issue their e-invoices by reporting their invoice data in the prescribed format (e-invoice schema in FORM GST INV-01) and reporting the same on the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). Invoices reported successfully on the IRP are given a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN). The documents (invoices, debit notes, credit notes) reported on the IRP are then transmitted electronically to the GST system and are auto-populated in the respective tables of GSTR-1.
  2. For a detailed advisory regarding auto-population of e-invoice data into GSTR-1 tables, please refer below:

Auto population of e-invoice details into GSTR-1

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