Use Of Advance Technology At Courts (Press Release 07th April 2022)

With its objective of universal computerisation and Information and Communication Technology enablement of all the District & Subordinate Court complexes, Department of Justice in close coordination with eCommittee of Supreme Court of India is implementing eCourts Mission Mode Project. To explore the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in judicial domain, the Supreme Court of India has constituted Artificial Intelligence Committee which has mainly identified application of AI technology in Translation of judicial documents, Legal research assistance and Process automation. However, in the eCourts Phase II, which is under implementation since 2015, AI and Blockchain Technology have not been used.

As Phase II of the eCourts project is coming to an end, a draft Vision Document has been formulated by the eCommittee of the Supreme Court for eCourts Project Phase III. Based on this document, a Detailed Project Report (DPR) is being prepared by the eCommittee of Supreme Court of India. In the draft DPR, the eCommittee of the Supreme Court of India mentions about use of AI and Blockchain technology.

Disposal of cases in courts is within the domain of the judiciary.  No time frame has been prescribed for disposal of various kinds of cases by the respective courts. Government has no role in disposal of cases in courts. Timely disposal of cases in courts depends on several factors which, inter-alia, include availability of adequate number of judges and judicial officers, supporting court staff and physical infrastructure, complexity of facts involved, nature of evidence, co-operation of stake holders viz. bar, investigation agencies, witnesses and litigants and proper application of rules and procedures. There are several other factors which may lead to delay in disposal of cases. These, inter-alia, include vacancies of judges, frequent adjournments and lack of adequate arrangement to monitor, track and bunch cases for hearing. However, as per the draft DPR, AI might be used for Prediction and Forecast, Improving Administrative Efficiency, Automated Filing, Smart Scheduling of Cases, Enhancing the Case Information System & Communicate with litigants through chat bots which may assist in early disposal of cases.

This information was given by the Union Minister of Law and Justice, Shri Kiren Rijiju in a written reply in Rajya Sabha, today.

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