V3 LOGIN FAQs (Revised MCA FAQ dated 18th April 2022)

1. I am new user of MCA system. How can I register?

2. If I am an existing user on Version-2. How do I register?

For the existing Users of MCA fresh/new registration is not required. To login for LLP related filings, you are required to use your existing User ID and Password. After login, the system will identify the user’s existing email ID which was used while user creation in V2 system and show all related history of filings in Application History section in the LLP Module.

If the user attempts to register with a new Email ID which was not associated with the Old V2 system, then User will be registered as a completely New User and in this case, the Application History of the User will not be visible to the user.

3. Who can upgrade to Business User?

4. I am a CA/CS/CMA in Professional Role; can I also have a director role with same user id?

5. What if the User is unable to see his SRNs in the application history?

6. What if a User has registered wrong DSC with his User ID?

7. Where can I see my resubmission comments?

This facility is available in the “My Application” tab. In the application history, Users will see “View Remarks” action button against the SRN marked under resubmission (RSUB). Users can click on “View Remarks” to see the comments by the MCA officers related to being asked for resubmission of the already filed SRN.

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