Super 10 Tax Saving Tips

Dear Sir,

Please find below YouTube video link on *Super 10 Tax Saving Tips*

*Super 10 Tax Saving Tips*

✒️ *Paying rent to parents*

✒️ *Invest in wife’s name*

✒️ *Investment through HUF*

✒️ *Utilise exemption for senior citizens*

✒️ *Invest in name of adult child*

✒️ *Invest in NPS*

✒️ *Tax Harvesting*

✒️ *Car Hire*

✒️ *Accommodation lease*

✒️ *Save tax of Rs. 12,500 by small donation 80G/80GGA (For Small taxpayer, Taxable income above 5 Lakhs to 5.125 Lakhs )*

Bipul Kumar

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