Amendment in FCRA Rules (MHA notification dated 01st July 2022)

Rules wise amendment as below:
  1. Rule 6 [Intimation of receiving foreign contribution from relatives] – Any person receiving foreign contribution in excess of Rs. 10 lakhs [in place of Rs. 1 lakhs] or equivalent thereto in a financial year are required to report to the Central Government in Form FC-1 within 3 months [in place of 30 days] from the date of receipt of such contribution from relatives.
  2. Rule 9 [Application for obtaining ‘registration’ or ‘prior permission’ to receive foreign contribution] – In clause (e) of sub-rule(1) & clause (e) of sub-rule(2), the person is required to intimate online in Form FC-6D in relation to bank accounts opened for utilising the foreign contribution received within 45 days [in place of 15 days] of the opening of any account.
  3. Rule 13 [Declaration of receipt of foreign contribution] – Clause (b) relating to reporting of foreign contribution received by the person during the quarter in a financial year within 15 days from the end of the quarter has been omitted. Therefore, there is no requirement to furnish quarterly intimation in respect of foreign contribution received during the quarter.
  4. Rule 17A [Change of designated bank account, name, address, aims, objectives or key members of the association] – Any person who has been granted certificate of registration or prior permission u/s 11 of the FCRA Act shall intimate the changes in designated bank account [Form FC-6C], bank for the purpose of utilisation [Form FC-6D], name [Form FC-6A], address, aims & objectives [Form FC-6B] or key members [Form FC-6E] within 45 days [in place of 15days] from such change.
  5. Revision [Rule 20] – Any application for revision of an order passed by the competent authority u/s 32 of the Act shall be made in such form and manner, including in electronic form as may be specified by the Central Government [in place of plain paper].

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