Ashtavakra Gita : Peace

 Ashtavakra Gita: Peace

Ashtavakra Said:


The fool tries to control the mind
with the mind—what folly!
The wise one delights in Self alone.
There is no mind to master.


Some believe in existence;
others believe nothing exists.
Rare is the one who believes nothing
and is never confused.


Weak intellectuals may believe
the Self is One without other.
But being mired in illusion
they do not actually know Self,
so live out their lives in misery.


The mind of one seeking liberation
depends on things for perception.
The mind of the liberated one
perceives no-thing
and is free of desire.


Timid men fear sensory experience
much as they do tigers.
They seek refuge in caves
and try to un-think the world.


Sensory experiences are like elephants who,
upon encountering a desireless man,
see him as a lion.
They immediately turn on their heels,
or if unable to escape,
stay on to flatter and serve him.


A man with no doubts,
who knows only Self,
has no need of practice
or liberation.
Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating—
he lives as he is, happily.


One whose mind is emptied and unconflicted
by the mere hearing of Truth
sees nothing to do,
nothing to avoid,
nothing to warrant his indifference.


The sage does whatever
appears to be done
without thinking of good or bad.
His actions are those of a child.


Depending on nothing,
one finds happiness.
Depending on nothing,
one attains the Supreme.
Depending on nothing,
one passes through tranquility
to One Self.

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