Ashtavakra Gita: Liberation in life

Janaka said:


Where are the elements, the body,

the organs, the mind?

Where is the void?

Where is despair?

My nature is transparent clearness.


Where is scripture?

Where is Self-knowledge?

Where is no-mind?

Where is contentment and freedom from desire?

I am empty of two-ness.


Where is Knowledge and ignorance?

Where is “I”?

Where is “this”?

Where is “mine”?

Where is bondage and liberation?

Self has no attributes.


Where is the unfolding of karma?

Where is liberation-in-life,

or even liberation at death?

There is only One.


Where is the doer or enjoyer?

Where is the origin or end of thought?

Where is direct or reflected knowledge?

There is no person here.

Series continue….

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