Thoughts of the day


No one can stop you from becoming successful until you allow someone to do so. Everyone has some hidden potential to become successful which is all required to unhide.

Everybody has problems in life, sometimes big sometimes small. The person always complaining about his problems is not telling about those but is actually showing his weakness or incapabilities to tackle them. Always remember that your problems are not bigger than you. Solution always lies within a problem.


The more you grow, the more are the problems you are required to face. The person who resists or runs away from problems instead of solving them can’t be a big person.

In case of pain, we often think “why me” and complained to god but don’t even realise to thank him in favourable situations.


BEING alive is something, being well is great but being happy is a valuable ACHIEVEMENT, probably, the closest thing to perfect.

Life is too short. One must listen/ follow his/her heart without waiting for the right time because there is nothing called right time. The time you start following you heart becomes the right time to do that job.


Life can be full of unexpected things, either happy or sad. But no matter what happens. Just keep a loving heart, a wise mind, and a strong faith in God. He will always stay with us through all the journeys of our Life. 

God has given few incapabilities to everyone. Some people make excuses about such incapabilities whereas some people work on it. make such incapabilities as their strengths. Choosing from above category is always your choice.


You will always find time for your priorities, no matter how much busy you are. If you are not finding time to do any particular act for long, that doesn’t mean you don’t have time, its simple that such act is not in your priority list

A good writer until he has actually experienced as to what he is writing, similarly, a reader can’t connect with the writer’s writing unless he has experienced such situation.

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Hi, I am business consultant working with a team of Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers & MBAs. I am promoter of " Make Your Business So Simple" "Make Education So Simple" Make Life So Simple" Make Legal Affairs So Simple".

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