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Desirelessness is the main condition for progress in spirituality. Any enjoyment of worldly objects leaves some scar, an  impression on the mind which induces desires for repletion of the experience and also for enjoyments not experienced so far. He is rare Sadhaka who abstain from such desires not only for enjoyment but for liberation too. Detachment from sense objects is salvation while attachment for sense objects is bondage. Repetition of necessity for desirelessness again and again as the main preparation required for the flight into the Absolute.

Witness  attitude: 

Bhogi who is after more and more of enjoyment and Yogi who is bent on renouncing all enjoyments, are both qualitatively on the same plan. The minds of both are on ‘enjoyment’one for grasping it and the other for leaving it. One has to go beyond both by adopting the attitude of a witness(Sakshi),i.e. by neither accepting nor rejecting.

Effortlessness and inaction

The Jivanmukta (liberated while alive) is a master idler (who deems it too much of an exertion even to go on shutting and opening his eyelids) . He remains awake in eternal vigilance and remains drowned in the unique happiness of the Self. He is just doing those actions which are forced on him by destiny without judging whether they are good or bad. His actions are just like those of a child. One should realize that nothing whatsoever is ever done by the Self which is actionless. One has nothing to gain by striving (as one is already ever liberated) nor does one sustain any loss by inaction. All happiness and misery as also birth and death are pre-destined by the effects of past actions (Prarabdha). There is nothing to be accomplished.

Control of mind

When a person is established in Self knowledge by leaving off the body consciousness, the control of mind becomes a natural by-product. One has to divorce oneself thoroughly from the sense of doership and being an experience. All the modifications of the mind, including the ego, get dissolved-this is essential for Self Realisation. A sadhak who practices control of the mind may succeed temporarily, but the moment he stops the practice all desires and fancies take control of him. The complete stillness of the mind results without any effort or practice through mere Self–Knowledge.

(Notes prepared from “ASHTAVAKRA SAMHITA“)

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