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Welcome to Make Life So Simple blogger series. I am Bipul Kumar, Spiritual Trainer with a team of Spiritual trainers, Doctors, Yoga Trainer, dietician & beautician.

The purpose of Make Life So Simple blogger series is Simplifying Life Style, Providing Spiritual training, arranging Inspirational & Motivational programme, Simplifying Eating Styles and creating health awareness.

Proposition 1: There is no possibility of one’s becoming a perfect person if one eats too much or eats too little, sleeps too much or does not sleep enough.

Regulation of diet and sleep is recommended herein for the perfect life. Too much eating means eating more than is required to keep the body and soul together. There is no need for men to eat animals, because there is an ample supply of grains, vegetables, fruits and milk.

Such simple foodstuff is considered to be in the mode of goodness. 

Animal food is for those in the mode of ignorance.

Therefore, those who indulge in animal food, drinking, smoking and eating food which is not first offered to God (Thankful to God) will suffer sinful reactions because of eating only polluted things. 

Anyone who eats for sense pleasure, or cooks for himself, not offering his food to God, eats only sin.

One who eats sin and eats more than is allotted to him cannot maintain balance life.

He does not fast or eat more than is required, and he is thus competent to maintain balance life.

One who eats more than required will dream very much while sleeping, and he must consequently sleep more than is required.

One should not sleep more than six hours daily. One who sleeps more than six hours out of twenty-four is certainly influenced by the mode of ignorance.

A person in the mode of ignorance is lazy and prone to sleep a great deal. Such a person cannot maintain balance life.

Proposition 2: He who is regulated in his habits of eating, sleeping, recreation and work can mitigate all material pains by practicing the Spirituality.

Extravagance in the matter of eating, sleeping, defending and mating – which are demands of the body – can block advancement in maintaining better life.

As far as eating is concerned, it can be regulated only when one is practiced to take and accept as thanksful to God,  sanctified food.

Vegetables, flowers, fruits, grains, milk, etc. In this way, a person becomes automatically trained not to accept food not meant for human consumption, or not in the category of goodness.

As far as sleeping is concerned, a conscious person is always alert in the discharge of his duties in God consciousness, and therefore any unnecessary time spent sleeping is considered a great loss. 

A conscious person cannot bear to pass a minute of his life without being engaged in the service of the God.

As far as work is concerned, a conscious person does not do anything which is not connected with God’s interest, and thus his work is always regulated and is untainted by sense gratification.

Since there is no question of sense gratification, there is no material leisure for a person in God consciousness.

And because he is regulated in all his work, speech, sleep, wakefulness and all other bodily activities, there is no material misery for him.

Proposition 3.  Balance life is full of mode of goodness

The mode of goodness, being purer than the others, is illuminating, and it frees one from all sinful reactions. Those situated in that mode become conditioned by a sense of happiness and knowledge.

The mode of passion is born of unlimited desires and longings, and because of this the embodied living entity is bound to material fruitive actions.

The mode of darkness, born of ignorance, is the delusion of all embodied living entities. The results of this mode are madness, indolence and sleep, which bind the conditioned soul.

The mode of goodness conditions one to happiness; passion conditions one to fruitive action; and ignorance, covering one’s knowledge, binds one to madness.

Sometimes the mode of goodness becomes prominent, defeating the modes of passion and ignorance. Sometimes the mode of passion defeats goodness and ignorance, and at other times ignorance defeats goodness and passion. In this way there is always competition for supremacy.

The manifestation of the mode of goodness can be experienced when all the gates of the body are illuminated by knowledge.

when there is an increase in the mode of passion the symptoms of great attachment, fruitive activity, intense endeavor, and uncontrollable desire and hankering develop.

When there is an increase in the mode of ignorance, darkness, inertia, madness and illusion are manifested.

The result of pious action is pure and is said to be in the mode of goodness. But action done in the mode of passion results in misery, and action performed in the mode of ignorance results in foolishness.

From the mode of goodness, real knowledge develops; from the mode of passion, greed develops; and from the mode of ignorance develop foolishness, madness and illusion.

When one properly sees that in all activities no other performer is at work than these modes of nature and he knows the Supreme Lord (God) , who is transcendental to all these modes, he attains spiritual nature.

When the embodied being is able to transcend these three modes associated with the material body, he can become free from birth, death, old age and their distresses and can enjoy nectar even in this life.

Wishing all the best for happy life.

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