Updates-07th March 2022

🖋️ Court room

SC Allows Insolvency Application Withdrawal as Majority Homebuyers accepted Builder’s Settlement during CIRP

Amit Katyal Vs Meera Ahuja (Supreme Court of India) dated 03/03/2022

Sale deed registration operate from the time from which it would have commenced to operate if no registration was required or made

Chitranshi Goyal Vs Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (Rajasthan High Court) dated 22/02/2022

Parties by agreement cannot give jurisdiction to a Court which lacks jurisdiction

Aanchal Mittal Vs Ankur Shukla (Delhi High Court) dated 25/02/2022

Summons for appearance & authorization for arrest under GST is not a Criminal Proceedings

Saurabh Mittal Vs Union of India (Delhi High Court) dated 11/02/2022

Compounding Benefit under Income Tax cannot be denied for non-acquittal from Criminal Charges

Jai Singh Goel Vs Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (Central) & Anr. (Delhi High Court) dated 25/02/2022

✒️ Laws-Act, Rule, Regulation,Notification, Circular etc.

LLP (2nd Amendment) Rules, 2022 dated 04th March 2022 (Clausewise analysis)

Auto-population of e-invoice details into GSTR-1 (GST Portal updates-03 March 2022)

✒️ Articles, News etc.

“Net Profit” calculation for CSR & Managerial remuneration II Net Profit as per Section 198 of CA 2013

ROC Adjudication order dated 03rd March 2022 for violation of 2nd proviso of Section 149(1) of CA 2013 (Non appointment of women director)

Exporter arrested for GST fraud case (Fraudulent ITC claim of Rs. 15.26 Cr.)-GST Updates -04-03-2022

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