BE(A)WARE – A Booklet on Modus Operandi of Financial Frauds (March 07, 2022) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has released a booklet, “BE(A)WARE” on the common modus operandi used by fraudsters and precautions to be taken while carrying out various financial transactions. The surge in the digital modes of payments witnessed in the past few years gained further momentum during the COVID-19 induced lockdowns. The booklet released by RBI, aims to enhance public awareness about various types of financial frauds perpetrated on gullible customers while carrying out digital payments and other financial transactions. The booklet emphasises the need for keeping one’s personal information confidential at all times, being mindful of unknown calls / emails / messages, etc., and also outlines the due diligence measures to be followed while undertaking financial transactions. For details: